The Law Office Book
A fake criminal lawyer
A lost fortune
A 10-year prison sentence
Unsuspecting clients his only hope.
Two bitter rivals
A college fraternity or Marine bootcamp
Winner takes all. No Rules.

"Ron Carpol has outdone himself with this sequel to FUBAR. THE
is even funnier and more exciting."

The Law Office Book

Law Office

From his office at a picnic table next to the Andy Gump outhouse at the Venice Pier, ruthless, 27 year-old college freshman Kurt Stafford guarantees every client total victory. As long as they keep committing more crimes and pay him daily with cash from each job. Then he might have enough money to avoid the FBI’s prosecution for bank theft while also mounting a legal attack against his relentless cousin Lyman in their ongoing legal battle for millions.

Kurt’s unwitting client list of professional criminals include:

  • A civil engineer who committed over 2,000 burglaries;
  • A Cuban expatriate who leaves Kurt a lethal reminder of what happens if his case is not dismissed;
  • A freelance mortician who removes murder victims from the crime scene before the police arrive;
  • And a guy who steals tip jars from Starbucks.

They’re Kurt’s only hope to detour his probable, shackled bus ride to Leavenworth Penitentiary where he’ll likely die in custody within a decade and be buried in a pauper’s grave.

With just a week to repay the stolen money and with only the help from his unscrupulous girlfriend and the second leading DNA expert in the world, they begin an almost insurmountable battle—trying to disprove the results of a 99% DNA match against Lyman’s DNA expert—the world’s leading authority.

“Full of sharp, witty dialogue and appealing rogue characters, Ron Carpol's THE LAW OFFICE is a great entertaining read.”
MURDER, SHE WROTE Showrunner/Head Writer, Bestselling novelist,
author of CROSS PURPOSES and his memoir
The Adventures of the REAL Tom Sawyer


Five million dollars...Two bitter rivals...A college fraternity or marine boot camp...Winner takes all...No rules...The race is on...Non-stop action...Like being on speed.... Satire, sarcasm, and hyperbole abound in this tale that has been likened to a modern-day, adult humor version of Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."   This completely politically incorrect, bawdy narrative is about the ultimate unscrupulous college anti-hero who you can't help hating. Yet you can't put the book down, somehow compelled to see what happens next. More scheming, hilarious college antics, compete with wild sexual escapades by more bizarre characters than "Best of National Lampoon's Animal House."  Enter a college world where the only things that matter are sex, alcohol, drugs, and money. And like all legal battles, the only thing that matters is winning.
“Brazen, offensive and downright distasteful…perfect plot twists… college debauchery is just part of the daily routine. This book…is totally awesome.”

What people are saying about FUBAR

…FUBAR is FUBARGREAT. I laughed and laughed and laughed.

—STANFORD Chaparral

So crude it’s hilarious, so disgusting you won’t be able to put it down.


Everything that the KOALA stands for is in this book: homophobia, booze, rape, pedophilia, stealing, bribery, laziness, and women.


More college than a MAXIM soaked in beer slush on a fraternity floor.

FUBAR. God’s perfect creature; the winking chimera of light.

—CORNELL Lunatic

This is a horrifying book.


Funnier than [Thomas Wolfe’s] I AM CHARLOTTE SIMMONS.

Ron Carpol's writing is a cross between Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson.

-Loren Woodson, Psychiatrist/Screenwriter, Author The Passion of Maryam

“I couldn’t put this book down…I felt offended almost 100% of the time but it was funny
and I’m pretty sure I’m going to hell for laughing.”


About the Author

As a Public Defender, the only good thing he ever got from dealing with so many scammers, schemers, and scoundrels was meeting his wife who was a burglary victim of some slimy client he represented. The guy got convicted in less than an hour and spent the next year in jail probably realizing he might've been better off representing himself.

Sick of hearing so many ungrateful clients scream that they were framed and if they had any money they could hire a better lawyer than him, he finally thought they may have been right. So he figured, the hell with that job, and he became a Deputy District Attorney.

Since every cop car in town rounded up an endless line of customers to prosecute, his trial experience was extensive. After about five years, he was selected for the Organized Crime Division where he successfully prosecuted the Black Panthers and the Mexican Mafia among other bad guys.

Eleven death threats later, he became Head of the Obscenity and Pornography Division for a year where he lost every case, since Linda Lovelace and Deep Throat set the community standard of decency.

Then he was the head of the Malibu Branch of the DA’s Office where he met almost every A-list celebrity who was a crime victim, with some of them turning out to be bigger crooks than the criminal they accused.

He is presently in private law practice in Manhattan Beach, CA.

“Deliciously tasteless. Wish we’d written it.”
—PRINCETON Tiger Magazine

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